About Us

Agapeforlife is a group of people who would like to suggest starting points to increase self-awareness, and most of all inspirations to rediscover the BEAUTY OF LIFE! AGAPEforlife is music to open our hearts, readings to meditate on the uniqueness of life, exercises to harmonize body and mind, bringing us all to rediscover our true universal significance. We also strive to remind ourselves of our true bond with Mother Earth based on respect, balance and life values. Contact us Email us for anything you feel important: agapeforlifeitaly@gmail.com Or send a letter to our legal offices: AGAPEforlife c/o Studio Tecno Emme snc piazza L.Ghiberti 23- 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI) http://www.tecnoemme.it/


The non-profit association Agapeforlife is non-denominational and apolitical and it aims at: -safeguarding and appreciating nature and the environment, with the exclusion of activities of collection of city, special, and hazardous waste as under article 7 of the Legislative Decree of February 5, 1997, No. 22; – carrying out education and training activities aiming to achieve psychophysical balance through a path with significant beneficial effects. The aim also targets at giving all the participants the chance to learn about health, quality of the environment and life, through activities of social support only. To reach these institutional targets, Agapeforlife wishes to promote and carry out, directly or in collaboration with public or private bodies, including local bodies, the following: a) studies, researches, and any other activity focusing on knowing and preserving nature, on health and life; b) data banks, publications and documents of all kinds – literary, audiovisual, electronic, etc. – on the safeguarding and management of the environment and its resources, earth sciences, and environmental training; c) meetings, cultural exchanges, seminars, researches on environmental topics, on health and life quality; d) management of activities to show and integrate its educational work and activities of social solidarity. Agapeforlife may also carry out activities linked to its institutional purpose as well as any accessorial activity. Agapeforlife may collaborate with all the initiatives, also individual ones, and bodies pursuing the same aims, and in general, any non-profit activity that may prove significant exclusively to reach the social aims and social solidarity. Agapeforlife therefore carries out its activities only for community services. The association Agapeforlife cannot carry out activities not listed above, save those directly connected to them.

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